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Refrigerated chambers

Mountable and dismountable refrigerated chambers of polyurethane foam sandwich panels of lock type with thickness 80 mm with standard range from 2,95 m3 to 11,68 m3.

Equipment for panels production is supplied by leading producers Cannon. The locks Manni (Italy) are installed not only in panel but also in door blocks that allows to mount the chambers as quickly as possible. Fastening and unfastening of the locks among themselves is made by a turn of a mounting wrench into this or that side. All installation is made inside refrigerated chambers and this allows to mount the chamber practically close to the walls of the room.

Due to mountable and dismountable construction it is possible to transform a refrigerated chamber by means of adding of new panels and demount without damage of junctions leak tightness. Door furniture is supplied by the leading producer MTH (Italy). The doors for refrigerated chambers are completed with electric heating that prevents freezing of rubber seal. The door locks can be keyed and have device of abend exit from a refrigerated chamber.

Name Length, cm Width, cm Height, cm
KH-2,95 1370 1370 2170
KH-4,41 1370 1970 2170
KH-6,59 1970 1970 2170
KH-8,05 1970 2370 2170
KH-8,77 1970 2570 2170
KH-10,96 1970 3170 2170
KH-11,68 2570 2570 2170

Technical characteristics:

• Overall dimensions – according to supply agreement.
• Heat conductivity, heat insulation coefficient – 0,025 +/- 0,005 Wt/mK.
• Unit load on the floor – not higher 15000 N/m2 (1500 kgf/m2) when storing the products on the shelves and not higher 3,106 N/m2 (30 kgf/cm2) under the bearings of the containers or transfer shuttles.

Standard completing units:

• painted (RAL 9003) galvanized steel with protective film removed after mounting;
• floor panels with covering of galvanized steel with thickness 1 mm;
• medium-temperature single-wing door with area light 800x1850 mm;
• lock knob with device of emergency opening;
• set (key, bypass valve, plugs, fastening elements);
• chamber is made of finished panels by means of eccentric locks;
• chamber internal height 2010 mm;
• design versions: with glass packet and glass packet + wing door (4,41).