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Compression-condensation unit BKK ZB26

BKK ZB26 on the basis of a medium-temperature compressor of Copeland production is made in the form of a ready-to-operate block. On steel basis there are installed refrigeration compressors, high-performance condenser with speed controller and liquid receiver.

Completing units:
• sight glass – humidity content indicator;
• acid-proof filter drain;
• filter drain preventing compressor from mechanical particles and moisture.

The unit is supplied with pressure relay for protection with high pressure. On/ off control by the compressor of low pressure with the help of relay.

Name Value
Range of operating ambient temperature, °С -40°...+45° with relative humidity to 100%
Range of refrigerant boiling temperature -25°...+10°
Supply voltage 380 V 50 Hz
Noise level max 42 dB
Refrigeration capacity, with boiling temperature -10° and condensation temperature +45° 5,68 kWatt
Power consumption, not more 3,36 kWatt
Refrigerant R404A
Unit weight (without refrigerant weight), not more 110 kg
Overall sizes, mm:
length without projected parts/ length with projected parts
depth without projected parts/ length with projected parts