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Parameter Value
Cold supply remote
Product line Валенсия
Display depth 880 мм
Length x Width x Height, мм 1250х1127х885
Refrigerated area of pans for products exposition (м2) 1,02
Useful (refrigerated) volume, m3 0,15
Temperature of useful capacity (C°) -5...+5
Electricity consumption for 24 hours (not more), kWatt* hour 2,6
Controller Carel


Валенсия ВХСно-1,25


Parameters Value
Ambient temperature, °C +12…+25
Shelves area including bottom area, m2 1,02
Наличие запасника No
Type of cooling dynamic
Type of defrosting defrost heaters
Heating of front glass No
Voltage 220
Nominal capacity of lamps, Watt -
Length x Depth x Height 1250х1127х885
Length x Depth x Height + pack -х-х-
Netto 95
Brutto -


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