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Parameter Value
Cold supply built-in
Product line Мальта
Display depth - мм
Length x Width x Height, мм 2500х1016х930
Refrigerated area of pans for products exposition (м2) 2,0
Temperature of useful capacity (C°) 0…+7
Electricity consumption for 24 hours (not more), kWatt* hour 5,5
Compressor Danfoss
Controller Danfoss


Бонета Мальта ВХСо-2,5


Parameters Value
Ambient temperature, °C +12…+25
Shelves area including bottom area, m2 2,0
Type of cooling dynamic
Type of defrosting defrost heaters
Voltage 220
Nominal capacity of lamps, Watt -
Length x Depth x Height 2500х1016х930
Length x Depth x Height + pack 2700х1200х1130
Netto 185
Brutto 260


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Temperature of useful capacity:

Сold supply:

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