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Company presentation

Commercial refrigerating machinery plant Mariholodmash was founded in 1941 (evacuated from Kiev) and was specialized in production of shells, common balance and other commercial equipment.

Since 1960 the plant has specialized in production of commercial refrigerating machinery. First national refrigerating cabinets and chambers appeared exactly at Mariholodmash. Some directions of commercial refrigerating machinery was developed and introduced into production.

Refrigerated visual cooler Tair has existed since 1970 and continues to live today. The visual cooler Tair passed through many construction modernizations and changes, was supplemented with high technologies in the sphere of commercial refrigerating machinery and it is in permanent demand.

Such objects as the Kremlin Palace of Congresses, the restaurant of the Ostankino Tower, first national self-service shops were completed with our equipment.

Now the plant Mariholodmash offers broad variety of modern commercial refrigerating machinery.

Product lines of refrigerated cases - Ilet, Tair, Nova, Kupets and Veneto are set out on the market.

In 2012 Mariholod mash started up new line of medium-temperature refrigerating cabinets Kapri. To produce them modern line of metal working of Salvagnini (Italy) and line of cabinets production of Meccanica NAI (Italy) were mounted and started up.

Also in the range of output production of the plant there is such equipment for trade as refrigerating counters, checkouts, trade shelve stands, bonnettes and multideck cabinets.

Due to application of modern technologies commercial refrigerating machinery plant Mariholodmash of the city of Yoshkar-Ola ensures output production:

  • high quality
  • reliability and operating convenience
  • modern design
  • competitive prices

Consumers of our equipment can be sure that they buy production meeting the most up-to-date requirements and having perfect correlation price-quality.

Unlike majority of commercial refrigerating machinery producers production of the plant Mariholodmash runs at an ambient temperature above 35 degrees that undoubtedly stresses again its reliability.

Use of up-to-date powder paints and putting of them at automatic painting line with program control ensures beautiful appearance of commercial refrigerating machinery and protection of surface from corrosion.

The plant realizes electrodeposit of the details at the Italian automated line with program control.

Full safety of commercial refrigerating machinery when loading, transporting and storing is guaranteed by a specially developed pack!